About Us and Our Herbal Tea Infusions

Welcome to I AM INFUSION® – We are a boutique collection of organic herbal tisanes made with love and intention for the body, mind and spirit.

Each infusion has been mindfully created with the finest organic herbs and botanicals sourced locally and overseas to help connect you with your life force and general awesomeness.

Each blend is filled with the nutritional goodness and zinging vibrance of our herbs and botanicals to:

  • enrich and nourish your body
  • a beautiful meditation to empower your mind and

  • an uplifting affirmation that will make your spirit dance

We invite you to explore our collection and infuse yourself in our delicate, subtle and delicious flavours while you create some time to delve into your rich, innermost space and emerge transformed as a brighter, more blissful and even more awesome version of yourself.

So whether you wish to stimulate your mental powers and summon your inner genuis, purify your body and enhance your radiance or open your heart centre and increase your charisma, grab a teacup, sip with us and allow your infusion to work its magic.

We welcome you to our world, where life truly is your infusion.

Like the universe, our collection is constantly expanding so be sure to sign up to our newsletter and receive news of our latest infusions, free samples, promos, events and all things herbal and botanical.

We are proudly Australian made and owned and all of our infusions are caffeine and preservative free with no added nasties for your ultimate health and wellbeing.