How it works

Nourish your body, empower your mind and uplift your spirit with each sip. 



The herbs and botanicals infused by you enter your body and work their magic to enhance your life force and vitality.

Each herb and botanical has been intentionally selected for it’s quality, nutritional and healing benefits, magical proprieties and ancient wisdom – the nutrients of which are extracted and released when steeped in boiling water. Only organic herbs and botanicals have been used for total purity.




The meditation you visualize works with your infusion to create an energetic and vibrant shift in your mind and cells.

Each infusion comes with a mini meditation to help uplift, empower and connect you within. Research supports that positive, joy-filled thoughts and intentions affect our minds and bodies in beautiful, discernable ways; they also bring beneficial energies into our living environment and the world around us.



The affirmation you state creates a powerful and lasting effect, enhancing your vibration and transforming your world from wonderful to extraordinary.

Read your positive statement out loud or within and feel the subtle effects taking place at a deeper level  – your heart may be opened, your awesomeness boosted or feelings of peacefulness restored.

Repeat throughout the day as often as you wish and watch your world transform through your positive intentions. Combine your infusion experience with your own statements, mantras or affirmations for an even more powerful effect.