Our Story

Martina Kocian (aka Miss Infusion) was running her own business in the creative field when she first felt the stirrings of I am Infusion and the desire to create something extraordinary. Something that would not only nourish, empower and inspire others but also take them on a journey to connect with the awesome that we all have from deep within and allow it to transform our everyday world.

I am Infusion was born from a wish to enhance the life force and vitality of the body, to create an energetic and vibrant shift in the mind and to transform the ordinary, the everyday and the mundane – like brewing a cup of tea – to the extraordinary.

Focusing on three fundamental concepts: love, beauty and brains, Martina created the infusions I AM LOVE, I AM BEAUTY and I AM BRAINS with the finest organic and intentionally selected herbs and botanicals, each accompanied by a mini meditation to help open the heart centre, enhance radiance and summon our inner genius.

I Am Infusions’ herbal organic tea infusions are all proudly made in Australia with love. We welcome you to our world where life is your infusion.