We love hearing our infusions are being enjoyed and helping you be more awesome in your every day world!

Here’s what our lovers are saying around Australia.


You may find this funny…whilst having your love tea a guy I have been waiting to hear from just asked me out on a date hahahaha! Bring on the love tea x

Amy, Sydney Australia


We consider your herbal infusions among the best in the wellbeing industry and feel very fortunate to have been able to feature these as part of our workshop.

Viviana Ross – Berry PR Melbourne on behalf of Karly Fisher naturopath and founder of Healthy Ambitions

We’re crushing on this brand in a huge way!

Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine

I love all of your teas @_iaminfusion so fresh, invigorating and smooth! xx

Rachelle, Gold Coast Queensland

Melissa and I had a wonderful ‘tea party’ over the weekend and sampled these with squeals of delight!

Michelle – The Night Collective Melbourne, Australia


I love I AM BRAINS! As someone finishing their MA I often have that feeling like my brain has packed up and headed to the Maldives. One cup of this tea, with its kick of Ginseng, Rosemary and Lemon, and I am typing like a maniac!

Johanna, Melbourne

I absolutely LOVE I am Love. I brew a pot of it a day for a little ‘me’ time, and I feel 10x better afterwards. I feel like I am glowing from a cup of it!

Shannon, Sydney